Merch Tactic: Brand Drafting

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Merch Tactic: Brand Drafting

What I’d like to share in this blog post is something I call Brand Drafting, much like drafting in racing, it allows you to utilize someone else’s speed to catch you up and even propel you further. With this technique I’ll show you how I took a lame design to $3,000 in sales at 650 sold and a 6k BSR within 30 days.

Brand Drafting tends to work best with trending topics: events, trending news, political movements, etc. But you can try it on any other person’s design with good BSR. The shirt I did this with is a 2017 eclipse design, and the design itself is certainly nothing special. Imagine a blank circle with some colorful flares coming out the sides, and the text “8.21.17”. There are 1,000 others better looking that this one.

How To Brand Draft

  1. Locate a trending topic and a successful shirt on Amazon within that topic.
    1. You can use awareness months, popular hashtags, political movements, etc.
    2. Make sure it is using a brand that is related to the topic (Example: An eclipse shirt that has an eclipse related brand name). And make sure it is not an actual trademarked brand name.
  2. Post 5 to 10 designs at $11.99 using the same brand name as the successful shirt.
    1. You will probably notice many others have already jumped on this before you. That’s fine.
  3. You’re in the BSR slipstream. Gather sales and increase BSR.
  4. Jump your designs into their own, new brand name when you feel like you have enough momentum (a very good BSR).

If you succeeded, you know have a very successful shirt, which is also allowing you to brand draft your other similar designs within the same brand.

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